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F James Law 

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I have successfully defended against numerous government investigations and legal challenges.



Sometimes it's just out of your control and life happens.  My job is to make sure you're in position to recover quick, so you can focus on rebuilding.



Whether Tax, Receiver, or Other, sometimes you just find yourself on the opposite side of the government.  They can be negotiated with just like anyone else.



Sometimes people just can't agree and come to terms.  My job is to make sure the rules are obeyed and a proper resolution is enacted.


I also represent specialized clientele in multiple genres ranging from IT, Software, Oil and other Commodities.


Unfortunately, handshakes do not hold the same values as yesterday.  If it's not on paper, then you're leaving yourself vulnerable.



Life is a journey we all share, however without rules chaos would ensue.  The law was designed to enforce those rules, but as we all know, not everyone likes to play by them.  What good are rules if only certain people, businesses, and governments need to abide by them?  This is where I come in.

A system is only as good as it's weakest link and it is my job to make sure that chain does not fall on you.  Whether you're in a position of being reactive, proactive, or simply making the proper steps, there is the right way and the wrong way and it is my obsession to prime you for success.

Attorney At law currently serving the people of Oklahoma, it is my pride to help keep this state great!



A high school graduate of Bishop McGuinness, followed by a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma in 2001, Floyd is not a foreigner to the state of Oklahoma.  After receiving his Law Degree from Howard University in 2008 and gaining his initial legal experience in the capital of our judicial system, Washington DC, Floyd returned to practice law in his home state of Oklahoma, barred with the Oklahoma Bar Association.

Outside of law, Floyd is an avid baseball fan, follows the Oklahoma Thunder and University of Oklahoma sports, as well as being a fellow fitness enthusiast himself, practicing a healthy and organic lifestyle.


  • Barred with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Barred with the United States District for the Western District of Oklahoma

  • Barred with the United States for the Eastern District of Oklahoma

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